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I have always had an enhanced interest and passion for sports and fitness. From a heavily competitive athlete, to an exercise science student, to a coach and trainer now - sports and fitness have always been a part of me. It was my love and passion for weight training that drove me to the world of strength and conditioning and sports performance as a means to not only enhance athletic performance, but more importantly, prevent injuries before they occur. My interest and own experience in strength and conditioning motivates me to continuously educate myself in athletic performance and injury prevention, expanding my knowledge through conferences, clinics, and obtaining other certifications. I have had many opportunities to work with diverse populations ranging from average college students to senior citizens. I believe that you practice what you preach and the best way to improve yourself is to step outside of your comfort zone. Anything can be achieved with structure, patience, and discipline.  My interests and passion to expand my knowledge of all facets of physical fitness is further enhanced by my desire to try and excel in all forms of physical fitness and continue to better myself overall as an athlete, student, and trainer. 


B.S Exercise and Sport Science
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS)

Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
Certified Personal Training (NSCA CPT)
Kinetic Integration Exercise Professional (KIEP)
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

My name is Susie and I am a wife, mom, coach, trainer and athlete. After my second daughter was born, I fell in love with fitness and realized that I needed to make my health a priority. I really wanted to lose the baby weight, so I thought the best way was to set a big goal and that, for me, was to run a marathon. I found a free beginners training plan online, took that, and literally ran with it. I trained hard and crossed the finish line in December of 2015. After eating a lot of food and icing my legs, I realized that I didn’t love running as much as I had hoped, nor did it help me lose the baby weight. I then started going to the gym, but this time I wanted to get strong. Within weeks I fell in love with weightlifting. I loved the way I felt as I was able to lift heavier weights and wanted to learn the proper way to lift and make sure that I had correct form. I also wanted to learn how to program my own workouts for my body instead of finding generic ones online. I began studying and in March of 2016 I became an ACE certified personal trainer. I learned that everyone’s bodies respond to different types of workouts and there isn’t one cookie cutter way to “get in shape” and the definition of being “in shape” is so personal. One of the awesome parts of being an ACE personal trainer is that I have the opportunity to continue to grow. In 2018, I finished a fitness nutrition specialist program and learned how to properly plan meals and create different nutritionally balanced diet plans for others. 

My love for fitness continues to grow with each new avenue I explore. I found CrossFit in 2016 when I was looking for a way to get out of spending hours a day doing cardio as I trained for my first bodybuilding competition. Just like weightlifting I fell fast and hard for CrossFit, I loved how the workouts combined weights and cardio and no two days were exactly the same. There is something so special about the Crossfit community, spending an hour or more a day with a group of people who have similar goals and enjoy pushing their bodies to their maximum potential is something I had never experienced before CrossFit. After almost 3 years of CrossFit as an athlete (1 year of that pregnant and postpartum) I perused an opportunity to coach and became a level 1 CrossFit trainer. This is just the beginning for me as I will continue to learn and grow as a coach and trainer. I plan to add more certifications and bring as much knowledge as I can to G3 and Ubiquity. I enjoy helping people decide what their personal goals are and coming up with a plan that is right for them. I have a true passion for helping others feel strong, confident, and happy with their body. Whatever your workout of choice is, I am here to help you work towards and achieve your goals! 


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

From 4th grade until my senior year of college, I was always doing something active. Football, basketball, track, and even a few seasons of baseball sprinkled in for good measure. However, I fell into the trap that most of us fall into right after college of inactivity. Five or six years ago, I knew that I needed to start exercising again. So I started running, but something felt like it was missing. I had heard about CrossFit but I didn't have a clear idea of what it was about. When Crossfit Ubiquity opened up, I gave it a shot and went to a Saturday class that the coach said was her biggest class she had ever had.  I thought, "oh snap, what have I gotten myself into."  Fast forward 4 1/2 years and I'm kicking myself everyday for not starting it sooner. If you want to test your limits and walk away from a workout thinking "holy crap, I can't believe I just did that," then CrossFit is something you should definitely look into. If a skinny runt like me can do it, so can you. 


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


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