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G3 Volleyball gives athletes the opportunity to play volleyball year-round. G3 coaches believe that players can achieve excellence through the relentless pursuit of technical development, physical fitness, tactical skills and mental toughness. G3 coaches view the court as a place where athletes learn discipline, respect, responsibility, leadership, work ethic and teamwork; skills important in volleyball and in life. G3 volleyball will positively contribute to the personal development of each and every athlete!

What is a Volleyball Academy?

A volleyball academy offers weekly practice times for players to work on the basic volleyball skills. Instruction includes volleyball skills such as serving, passing, setting, hitting and blocking., as well as mental, physical and tactical training.


Why should I join the Volleyball Academy?

It is a coaches job to create a "team." That means that everyone has their unique skills and it is up to the coach to utilize those to benefit the team. That also means that a setter may not have a lot of opportunity to practice hitting. Sometimes in competitive play, weak skills are not given adequate practice time because coaches are busy creating a team, teaching rotations and working on specific skills. The academy fits nicely with all team play as it allows for repetitive practice of basic skills.



How does the Academy work?

The academy is broken up by skill level (Elite, AA, A, and B1) so girls are playing with others at similar skill levels. The academy schedule is flexible and allows for drop in practices that do not have to be scheduled. This flexible schedule fits nicely with competitive volleyball or other sports and activities.



Joining the Academy:

Joining the Academy is a simple process. There are many different membership options available to suit the needs of every athlete! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.


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