Private Skills Training

Setting and Hitting Mechanics

There are several different options and prices available to help fit your needs and your budget!


Private Lessons — One-on-one instruction working on the skill or skills of your choice! This is great if you are wanting one-on-one help with a certain skill or skills or you just want to improve your technique to get more consistent results.


Semi-Private Lessons — Groups of 1-2 players working on the skill or skills of their choice. This type of lesson works best when the goals of all the players are similar. For example, all players are hitters and want to improve hitting technique, or a setter and a hitter want to work on connecting better on sets or want to work on quick sets.

Prices: Cost is per player, per hour and varies depending on instructor.


How do I schedule a lesson?​

1. Contact G3 at to be put in contact with a coach.

2. The coach will contact G3 to set up a lesson.

3. When you arrive for the lesson - please stop at the front desk and pay the $10 court fee.

4. Have the lesson with the coach and pay the coach the agreed upon price for the lesson.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why sign up for lessons?

To get individualized training on the skills you want to work on most. See improvements quicker with high repetitions!


Are lessons right for me?

If you want to improve and sharpen your skills, then yes! Lessons can help anyone at any level.


Which lesson type?

This depends on your level, budget and what you want to get out of it. Read the lessons descriptions or contact me to discuss which would best fit your needs!


What will we be working on?

This is your lesson! I want to make it what you want it to be! We can work on specific skills or we can work on all-around volleyball skills. This could include the mental part of volleyball as well!


How often are lessons held?

Again, this is up to you. I suggest at least once every 1-2 weeks depending on how much volleyball you are playing outside of the lessons.How long are lessons?All lessons will run for one hour.


Where are lesson held at?

All lessons will be held on the volleyball courts at G3 Sports & Fitness.


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